CEMARA AYU is a specialist in Spa Consultancy, an expert in Spa Equipment, Supplies and Accessories and a professional Spa Retails purveyor!

A true specialist in Spa Consultation, CEMARA AYU provides professional and experiences in design, development, recruitment, training, services, marketing and retailing in creating distinctive spa concepts for hotels, resorts, golf clubs, spa destinations and day spa in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand & Philippines.

As a Spa Expert, Cemara Ayu combines a comprehensive range of services at a very high level of professionalism, interpreting, developing and implementing the Spa culture, brief and requirements complete with flexible and comprehensive management and operational solutions in building leading Spas that offer guests a memorable experience and spa journey!

CEMARA AYU is the first expert and professional Spa conglomerate in Malaysia and the latest SPA Boutique open in Kuala Lumpur. Strategically located at the exclusive address in Mon't Kiara neighborhood; at G-08, Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, it is the one stop center and a total boutique with everything for Spa operations and retailing.

This stylish Balinese boutique feature a range of Spa retail products, accessories and souvenirs from aromatherapy oils, aromatic candles, soaps, scrubs, butters, muds, cream, bath salts, aromatherapy burners, candle holders, oil containers, bottles, jars, trays, Balinese tea sets, bathrobes, slippers, Balinese jewelry accessories, Balinese weaved bags, mates and decorative accessories, Balinese decorative lightings, ceramic wears, cloth material to decorative craft wood pieces, the famous Balinese sandstone, lava stone and glass products.

For an array of professional spa equipment, supplies and accessories, CEMARA AYU offers the complete range that is used in every day spa operations. Its wide selections include furniture, tools, accessories, linens, uniforms, robes, disposal wears, interior design decorative products and lightings, music, books and supplies tailored for spa and massage. Tailored made equipment and supplies as well as bulk purchase orders are also available especially for Spa operators.

CEMARA AYU is definitely your total SPA boutique in the city!







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